Would you believe if we would say that your partner’s name is written in the stars?

We have come to the concise of 12 questions on which answering in FlowDating app survey your compatibility with any other user will be calculated.

And don’t worry – it’s not based just on interests and your thoughts about latest celebrity Twitter post. Algorithm’s core is our research about what really matters in long term relationship and what compatibility patterns we observe between different types of people.


Have you noticed that usually you better match with one zodiac sign and worse with other? Well, there you go – there is a pattern.

We consider your qualities and interests. It’s all about who you are and what you love!

According to survey data we determine your personality type – how do you make decisions, what’s your way of thinking, what are your core values and similar

Of course as for online dating app we have to consider your looks which is mainly evaluated by yourself.


FlowDating wants to make you happy! Therefore,all our users
have access to app features totally for free.


Match Algorithm

You will see compatibility percentage with any other user. Great assistance in decision making.


Save a profile

Sometimes it might get really hard to decide Like or Dislike, therefore in FlowDating app you can save a user up to three days



If you are planning to travel or just want to meet new people outside your city or even country then you can teleport yourself wherever you like.



Changed your mind? No worries! You have an option to Rewind up to three users for free.

Profile verification

Verifying your profile helps to prove to other users that you’re a real person and get their trust!

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